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About this site

What does "sustainability" mean?

Simply put, it's about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We here at American Public Media want to tell the unfolding story of sustainability as it becomes an ever larger issue in the national and global dialogue over how we use the Earth's resources.

To that end, we will use this website to showcase sustainability stories produced by our family of radio programs, including Marketplace,® Weekend America,® Speaking of Faith,® American RadioWorks® and others.

We will also highlight Web-exclusive material, including blogs and multimedia stories, and offer interactive features like our game, Consumer Consequences, where visitors can calculate the impact their lifestyles have upon the planet.

We will also use a discerning editorial lens to gather cutting-edge news, views, and content from other sites and sources on sustainability issues, and present them in an engaging, easy-to-use format.

We also want to use this site to spark a conversation among APM listeners and Web visitors. We aim to become a forum for the whole range of perspectives on sustainability, especially hot-button issues like climate change, the future of the carbon economy, what it means to be "green," and others.

Finally, the site will be a vehicle to help us find not only experts to inform our journalism, but people with practical knowledge of sustainability issues from their own lives, jobs and families.

Sustainability reporting is supported by a grant from:

Kendeda Sustainability Fund
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